SEMrush SEO Suite Review

If you’re like every other blogger on the planet, then you’ll be aware that the success of your blog lives and dies by traffic.

Some bloggers have mastered social media channels like Pinterest, but the real big numbers come from organic search traffic where Google occupies the throne.

What SEO Tools Do Bloggers Use?

In Facebook Groups and Reddit, I’m seeing a ton of people using stuff like Ubersuggest,, Yoast, and Google Keyword Planner.

However, when I speak with professional SEO guys (I’m not one), they tell me that Ahrefs and SEMrush are the real sheriffs in town when it comes to SEO tools.

Reviewing SEMrush for Bloggers

Seeing as we’re looking at SEMrush through the eyes of a non-technical Blogger, we’ll focus on the stuff that you can apply to your Blog rather than an in-depth “too long to read” feature assessment.

Let’s start with a few things we’re going to look at:

  • How you can find out where your competitors get all their traffic.
  • Find keywords that you can successfully target and incorporate in your blog strategy. Namely, those with low competition but decent untapped traffic. (aka LongTail Keywords)

Try it Yourself

As you read along, you can try the same things in your niche. SEMRush offers a full 7-day free trial.

Even if you choose not to subscribe, you can remain on their free tier and continue to do some limited research.

In the meantime, hammer this tool for information during the trial period. You should be able to get a ton of ideas for future blog entries, see how your competitors are getting traffic and exactly where you can improve your existing website for SEO purposes.

Oh, and they also run a bunch of FREE SEO Courses. I’d suggest checking this one out as a starting point:

A single subscription is $99 per month. For some Bloggers, this might not be within the budget, so I’ll say again in bold type:

Get everything you can out of the trial period. It will give you vital information and SEO intelligence about your blog and the competition.

We’ll also explore a few money-making opportunities from a SEMrush subscription that could help you underwrite the membership cost.


Money Making Ideas With SEMrush

OK, we’ve looked at SEMrush from the perspective of using it to improve your Blog, but that doesn’t hide the fact it’s still an expensive piece of kit for most bloggers.

However, If you think outside of the box, there are a bunch of ways you can leverage the benefits of membership to underwrite the cost of a subscription.

Here are a few ideas:

Sell SEO Intelligence Services – You don’t need to be an SEO Expert to provide value. Most experts use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz anyway. You’ll be able to use SEMrush to generate website health check reports, keyword analysis, site audits.

Competitor Intelligence Reports – How much would a business pay for the kind of intelligence and data on its nearest competitors that SEMrush can generate?

Affiliate Marketing – Promote SEMrush and get a 40% recurring income for all new users that sign up. You’d only need to recruit 3 recurring subscribers and your own subscription would be paid for – and you’d have a little extra money on top.

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SEMrush Review - SEO Toolset SuiteSEMrush Review - SEO Toolset SuiteSEMrush Review - SEO Toolset Suite

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