Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2020

Genius Bloggers Toolkit

So, earlier this week, a surprise email about The Genius Bloggers Toolkit dropped into my inbox from the team at Ultimate Bundles.

If you haven’t come across them before, Ultimate Bundles are the guys who work with leading digital creators to create “Super Bundles” of Digital Products.

Typically, these huge digital bundles cover popular niche areas like food, fitness, homemaking, and photography. The kind of “Evergreen” niches that are popular all year.

2020 Edition of GBTK – You’ve now missed the January Flash Sale.

Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2020 Edition from Ultimate Bundles is next released in October 2020 for two weeks only. The January Flash Sale is over.

The Super Bundle for Bloggers

One of the niches covered is Blogging, or more specifically “Blogging as a Business“, and every October, the Ultimate Bundles team releases a product called The Genius Bloggers Toolkit.

In a nutshell, the Toolkit is a collection of courses, Ebooks, templates planners, and other resources created by experts in their associated fields to help bloggers run a profitable and sustainable blog.  This year’s edition contains 94 premium products.

Genius Bloggers Toolkit
94 Premium Products including E-Courses, E-Books, Templates, Planners and more.

Oddly enough, despite being an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles, I’ve never actually purchased the Toolkit before.  This in spite of the fact that I get sent about 100 emails from other bloggers promoting it before the release each October.

The window of opportunity to invest in the bundle is small. It’s only available for purchase during the two week period in October. I’m not kidding; you simply can’t get it outside of that time period.

Until now.

January 2020 Re-Release For 2 days only…

Anyway, Ultimate Bundles wrote to let me know that they are re-releasing The Genius Bloggers Toolkit for two days only this January.  The bundle will be available for purchase during a tiny window covering the 15th and 16th of January.

The contents of the bundle make it a very enticing proposition with some top authors contributing to the 94 product list, including favorites of mine such as Ruth Soukop, Anna Sokyrka, Crystal Paine and McKinzie Bean.

I’ve managed to get hold of the full Genius Bloggers Toolkit product list and decided to share the details. I’m not going to pass it up this time around. At $97, it really is a bargain.

What’s in the Genius Bloggers Toolkit?

The Bundle covers a diverse range of products and these are grouped into the following categories :

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Beyond blogging
  • Branding
  • Building your blog
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Creating and selling products
  • Design
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Finance and Legal
  • Getting started
  • Instagram
  • Monetization
  • Pinterest
  • Podcast and vlogging
  • Productivity and organization
  • SEO and traffic
  • Tech and support.

Let’s break down what is in the Toolkit. Many of the products have been put together by the most successful bloggers in the business. Individually, the entire product list adds up to a tidy sum of over $7000, but the Toolkit is available for just $97.

I take figures like $7000 with a pinch of salt but if you check out the product list, it still represents great value.

Genius Bloggers Toolkit Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The toolkit includes three E-Courses and two E-Books covering the science (or is it an art?) of Affiliate Marketing.

For the uninitiated, Affiliate Marketing is promoting products or services for other people or organizations in return for commission payments.

A commission is usually earned from a sale on the merchant’s website or by some other course of action, such as generating a lead.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the primary methods of making money from websites or blogs.


Affiliate Promo Prep Course with Matt McWilliams – Learn the tips the PROS use to plan your affiliate promotions. Matt reckons his strategy may help you double or triple your commissions in only 97 minutes.

Gift Guides Creation – How to create passive income on your Blog with Tracy Lynn – Gift guides are a great way to bring in passive income that any blogger at any level can create. Tracy Lynn’s course focuses on evergreen content utilizing Etsy and Amazon with your blog.

Affiliate Marketing, Simplified! by Catherine Rosales – A detailed course on the building the foundations of successful affiliate marketing processes and how to make money from your blog


Amazon Affiliate Affluence: How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate by Dale Persons – A course on mastering the strategy to be successful with the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program including actionable tips and strategies to actually make money with your blog.

How to Earn Income as a Christian Blogger on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Sara Borgstede – Sara defines easy action steps with a clear timeline for bloggers in any niche to start earning more income from their blog without the hard sell or being pushy.

Genius Bloggers Toolkit Beyond Blogging
Beyond Blogging

Beyond Blogging

The Beyond Blogging category focuses on activities other than actual Blogging including running a Virtual Assistant Business to writing Book Proposals.


Virtual Assistant Jumpstart: How I Went From $0 to $3000 In Three Months with Alexandrea Harrelson – Join Alexandrea on this E-course as she shares the methods used to build, manage and run a successful and profitable Virtual Assistant Business!


Non-Fiction Book Proposal Template by Becky Kopitzke – This offering is a 41-page digital template of a successful non-fiction book proposal. Includes notes, insights, and instructions designed to help you with your non-fiction book proposal.

You Can Sit With Us! A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Online Networking by Holly Isaacson – Learn to play your networking cards well to make irreplaceable friendships and find amazing mentors.

Genius Bloggers Toolkit Branding


One E-Course, an E-Book and two Workbooks form the foundation of the Branding section of the Toolkit. These aren’t directly related to blogging but include crossover activities from running a Virtual Assistant Business to writing Book proposals.


Impact with Faith Mariah – A course on how to overcome fear and speak your truth.


The Authentic Blog Project by Hannah Rinaldi – Authentic blogging is a revolution that offers freedom. This E-Book is about being yourself and spreading your message while breaking free from the algorithms, SEO, and technical stuff.


Simply Branded by Amanda Garvin – Branding is so important! Let’s take the guesswork out of your brand with this fill-in-the-blank style workbook.

The Happy Creative by Laura Orlando – A mentoring book that helps you approach your business with a fresh pair of eyes to find success.

Building Your Blog
Building Your Blog

Building Your Blog

Six E-Courses and an E-Book form the Building Your Blog module. A range of excellent companion products to guide you through beginning a blog and turning it into a profitable business.


Become a Blog Boss with Lynne G. Caine – A complete course that provides a roadmap to creating and running a successful blog.

Bloggers’ Secrets with Kelan & Brittany Kline – As featured in Forbes Magazine, Kelan and Brittany Kline share their secrets to running a profitable blog.

Elementor for Bloggers with Pete McPherson – A course on building Blog websites using the popular Elementor Page Builder.

Pop & Sizzle Websites: Guide to WordPress & Divi Theme with Julia McPherson – A course on building Blog websites with the popular Divi theme and page builder.

Sales Page Starter with Emma Bates – Learn to write sales page copy that works using Copy Blocks and watch your sales pages practically write themselves!

WordPress 5.0 Masterclass with Bob Lotich – A course for mastering the WordPress platform with the native Gutenberg editor.


Building Your Profitable Blog by Emma Quay – A 130-page E-Book that has been created to help you build a thriving blogging business from A to Z.

Content Creation and Promotion
Content Creation and Promotion

Content Creation and Promotion

The Content Creation and Promotion section of the Toolkit includes two E-Courses, two E-Books, and a Workbook. The focus is on developing quality content and executing a strategy to promote it.


Content Creation 101 with Crystal PaineContent Creation 101 was designed to teach brand new bloggers to get a firm grasp on the ins and outs of creating great blog posts and getting them out there to the people who want them!

Content Strategy Toolkit for Service-Based Businesses with Jocelyn Kopac – A strategy for content creation, development, and promotion.


Cranking Out Quality: A Blogger’s Guide to Crushing Content Creation by Heather O’Donnell – The E-Book includes information on Time Management Strategies, Hacks to Write Faster, How to Batch Content and Ways to Improve your Posts

Promote Your Content by Tonia Kendrick – Your step-by-step guide to creating your social media strategy and plan.


One Year Content Planner: Blog & Social Media Planning Workbook by Laurie Cosgrove

Creating and selling Products
Creating and Selling Products

Creating and selling products

The Creating And Selling Products module is focused on creating your own products such as E-Books, Courses, and Digital Media assets and the strategies to sell them. Included are 5 E-Courses and an E-Book.


eBook Bestseller Bootcamp: The Ultimate Self-Publishing Course For Bloggers with Ana Savuica – Ana details the exact formula for writing, publishing, and selling eBooks and how to get all the knowledge you need in one place.

Create Your Perfect Opt-in Freebie, in Four Simple Steps with Vanessa Ryan – There is so much to think about when you are creating the perfect opt-in. Vanessa Ryan focuses on what is essential and how to execute the process.

Premier Your Course Idea with Katie Hornor – Challenge and hone in on your perfect course idea that people will want, and will want to pay you for!

The Printables Playbook with Jayleen Creates – Learn how to create Printables to use, share, or sell with Affinity Designer!

Tripwire 101 For Bloggers: Start Making Money With Your Blog with Saira Perl – Learn to sell real products in 10 popular niches.


The Creative Side Hustle Manual by Elizabeth Emery – 10 fully information-packed chapters including how to come up with and create a design, create the perfect listing and utilize the product you create.

Genius Bloggers Toolkit Design


As one would expect, the Design module focuses on developing skills and knowledge of graphic design, aesthetics and user experience. Three E-Courses and 100 Stock Photos are included.


Graphic Design for Bloggers: Design Principles for Online Marketing with Kara Fidd – Your crash course in graphic design and how to implement design concepts to create better blog graphics!

Design Like a Pro with Canva with Jada Aloisio – 4 Lessons + Goodies + Bonus Lesson for designing with Canva.

Designing With Typography by Kimi Kinsey – This course will teach you how to perfect your Typography choices so that you can guide your viewer’s eyes exactly where you want them, and to pull attention away from… well, everyone else!


100 Professional & Beautiful Stock Photos by Emma Drew – Beautiful stock photos for your Blog.

Email Marketing
E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing

Every blogger can benefit from understanding email marketing. The email marketing products included in the Genius Bloggers Toolkit consists of 4 E-Courses on List Building and Funnels, supplemented by E-Books on content writing and marketing. A crash course workbook rounds off the included products.


List Building Insanity with Brianna Berner – Strategies on building your email list.

List by Number with Suzi Whitford – 50 Step by Step Video Lectures to grow your list and help more people.

Smart Email List Building with Rachel Newcomb – How to build a smart and profitable email list for digital marketers.

The Digital Marketer’s Quickstart Guide to Profitable Funnels with Cindy Bidar – 4-part video training designed to help you create profitable funnels fast.


Email Writing Secrets by Kerry Beck – How to write killer promo emails that get results.

Supercharge Your Marketing by Lori Riddle – The strategy of Less Stress, More Clients, and More Cash!


Email List Building Crash Course by Beyond Basic Blogging – Workbook Strategies for Email List Building.

Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are two social media powerhouses you can use to build your following and promote your blog. The Genius Bloggers Toolkit includes three E-Courses and an E-Book to show you how to do this to maximum effect.


FB Ads for Affiliate Offers: Boost your Affiliate Earnings with a Brilliant Ads Strategy with Beth Anne Schwamberger – Maximize the power of Facebook to boost your affiliate offers and profitability with this course from an industry expert.

How To Grow Your Blogging Income Through Facebook Ads with Jessica Festa – Learn step-by-step how to create a profitable Facebook Purchase Ad that grows your income every single day (on autopilot!)

Twitter Training for Direct Sales: Small Business and Blogging Success with Joni Kinney – Learn how to use Twitter as part of your marketing strategy. From initial set-up to long-term strategy.


101 Prompts for an Engaged Facebook Group by Karen Shopoff Rooff – Build your authority and trustworthiness.

Finance and Legalese
Finance and Legalese

Finance and Legal

Blogging can be a legal and financial minefield. The Genius Bloggers Toolkit includes an E-Course, E-Book, and Templates to guide you through developing good budgetary processes and helping to ensure that you are covered by the law.


The Blogger’s Finance Workshop by Elizabeth Harrin –  Short video course and workbook.


The Blogger’s Simple Guide to Taxes: A Guide to Saving Time and Money by Sarah Korhnak – No matter what type of blogger you are, there can be tax ramifications of blogging. This book has been created to guide you through the minefield.


Affiliate Terms and Conditions Template and Disclosure Swipe Copy by Elizabeth Stapleton

Privacy Policy Template by Lucrezia Lapichino

Blog Budget Spreadsheet by Lena Gott

Genius Bloggers Toolkit - Get Started
Get Started

Get Started

With so much conflicting advice online, the Get Started module is about getting you started the right way and building the foundations for your future growth.


Start a Blog the Right Way with Anna Sokyrka – How to set things up to have fun, to build a community and to make money. A framework for Bloggers.

Intentional Blog with Jeff Goins – A Series of foundational topics on building a blog that makes a difference.

Kickstart Your Blog with Raelyn Tan – Kickstart your blog, set-up your website, grow your traffic, skyrocket your email list and more.

Goodbye 9 to 5 with Sagan Morrow – How to transition from your 9 to 5 office job into working from home full-time.


Blog To Biz Blueprint by Janica Khemlani-Briongos – A complete blogging roadmap that helps you confidently create, launch, run and market a blog.


Work from Home Made Easy: Business Plan Bundle by Claudia Garbutt – How to develop a business plan for a blogger’s online business.



Get creative on Instagram and build a loyal tribe. The Instagram resources include three E-Courses and an E-Book.


Authentic Instagram Engagement with Ruthie Gray – A self-paced course, designed to get you focused on your own strategy, target your ideal audience, and grow your fans organically and authentically!

Instagram Content System with Helene Sula – How to leverage Instagram to strategically grow your blog and your business

Instagram Sales Funnel Challenges with Lauren Lambie – A guide to turn Instagram followers into new customer leads. 


Gram Gorgeous: My Favorite Apps for Getting Creative on Instagram by Andi Eaton – A guide to elevate your digital creating packed with visual examples and top apps for getting creative on IG.

Blog Monetization


Monetization strategies cover making money with new and established blogs. Includes guides on producing a profitable blog and flipping sites for profit.


A Blog Flipping Masterclass: How To Develop & Sell Your Blog For Profit with Chelsea Clarke – Discover how to develop your blog into a valuable, profitable asset, worthy of selling for top dollar at auction in this comprehensive power-mentorship


Creative Cash by Joelle Byrne – An E-Book for anyone who runs a creative business. It has everything you need to help you start your journey into new income streams that will generate more cash with minimal effort.

Small Blog, Big Income: One Niche Blogger’s 7-Step Success Formula by Carol Tice – Learn how to make money from a blog without ads or hype – from a blogger who began earning six figures online when she had less than 2,000 subscribers!

The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Blog: How to Sell Your Blog for Six Figures and Be Your Own Broker by Carrie Smith – How to maximize the sale of a blog and avoid commission fees.


Moving from Popular to Profitable (Workshop) by Talaat & Tai McNeely

Genius Bloggers Toolkit Pinterest Resources
Pinterest Resources


Pinterest is well-catered for in the Genius Bloggers Toolkit with various strategies and courses included. Pinterest can be a traffic gold-mine for Bloggers if utilized the correct way. This category consists of three E-Courses, three E-Books, and Photoshop templates to maximize your Pinterest leverage.


Next Level Pin Designs: Everything you need to design next level Pinterest Pins for free in Canva with Nadalie Bardo

The Pinterest Studio by Katie Grazer – Grow your Blog faster and with more ease! Stop Hustling + Start Living!

Pin Practical Influence with Monica Froese – This course shows you the practical steps to making money passively on Pinterest. Learn the simple formula for turning your free Pinterest traffic into passive income!


Manual Pinning Simplified by Kyla Sims – An easier way to get more traffic from Pinterest. Manual pinning simplified ebook is a super simple smartphone pinning system for busy bloggers.

Explosive Traffic with Tribes by Maria Juvakka – A step-by-step blueprint for bloggers to reach 90,000+ pageviews /month in 90 days with Tailwind Tribes.

Pinsider Secrets: Strategies To Launch A Brand New Pinterest Account with McKinzie Bean – Create and launch a Pinterest account in the right way. This course provides lots of tips on how you can hit the ground running with Pinterest.


Photoshop Pinterest Pin Templates (Templates) by Carly Campbell

Podcast and Vlogging
Podcast and Vlogging

Podcast and Vlogging

The Podcast and Vlogging category includes three E-courses and two E-Books. Ideal content for those considering launching a podcast or vlog, or more advanced users who wish to pick up a host of new tips and strategies.


Live Streaming 101: Start Live Streaming with Knowledge and Confidence with Vicky Lashenko – This course teaches solo entrepreneurs and bloggers how to use Livestream video to increase sales and create brand awareness.

Podcast Launch Toolkit with Jenny Suneson – The Podcast Launch Toolkit helps you take your brilliant idea and craft a seamless launch plan so that you can grow your impact and influence.

YouTube TakeOff Quick-Start Course: How to Start a Channel with a Growth Trajectory with Jennifer Maker – This step-by-step quick start course teaches you how to create a YouTube channel, pick the right niche and keywords, and how to plan your channel for growth.


Podcasting for Bloggers by Kara Carrero – Podcasting for Bloggers is all about getting started and learning the differences between the blogging world and the podcasting world.

Plan Your Podcast Playbook by Robyn Roste – 9 steps to plan and execute the perfect Podcast.

Productivity and Organization
Productivity and Organization

Productivity and Organization

With all of these resources available, you’ll need to organize yourself and maximize your productivity. Fortunately, the Genius Bloggers Toolkit has you covered.


GSD with ClickUp with Lindsey Aleson – GSD Clickup is a course to help improve your productivity with the Clickup toolset.

Get Chaos Organized for Mom Bloggers with Kristine Beaves – Find methods that work for YOU and your unique circumstances and go from chaos to control…in everything!

Live that 300 Tabs Life: A Chrome Course for Tab Addicts with Elizebeth Gidley – Learn how to organize your Chrome tabs into workspaces to improve efficiency and focus.


Piece of Cake: 42 Simple Systems For Your Business by Mel Smith – This course introduces systems to manage your website, customers, finances, services, and content.


The Ultimate Monthly Blog Planner (Printable) by Cassie Scroggins

Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers by Kimberley Grabas

SEO Blog Traffic
SEO & Traffic

SEO & Traffic

SEO & Traffic is the lifeblood of any successful blog. The toolkit includes resources to see that you are well covered. 5 E-courses and 3 E-Books packed full of information, strategy, and tips.


Boost Your Blog Traffic: 50 Strategic Steps to Increase Traffic To Your Website and Make It A Success with Frances Vidakovic – The course contains constructive, purposeful action steps you can implement in your business today to increase your blog traffic.

Health and Wellness Bloggers NEED to Know with Leesa Klich – Discover the best-kept secrets every wellness pro needs to know to have a profitable blog.

ROI Action Plan: Where to Focus Your Time to Make the Most Money When You Have Limited Time with Caroline Vencil – This course relates to managing time effectively to achieve a maximum return on investment.

Social Boom with Ruth Soukup – Social Boom™ is designed to show you how to use Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram to drive explosive growth (and profits) for your brand or business.

The Blogging Machine with Sandra Clayton – Online blogging and marketing strategies that convert customers with ease, so you can build a life and a business you love and make the difference you were born to make


SEO Playbook for Bloggers by Niki Robinson – This SEO playbook walks you through every step to start optimizing your blog content for search!

The Beginner’s 40 Day Action Plan for SEO Success by Sarah Hardee – A day to day guide to growing your business, generating leads and income.

The Secret Sauce to Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic by Angela Mary Vaz – This course teaches you how to create stellar blog content that engages with readers and leaves them yearning for more.

Tech & Support
Tech & Support

Tech and support

Tech tips, tools, and a support group for Bloggers are at your disposal within the Genius Bloggers Toolkit.


Blogging Camp with Julie Chickery, Liz Wilcox, Lindsay McKenzie & Camille Attell – The course includes direction on how to engage and grow a loyal audience. It is supplemented with strategies to build relationships and monetize your blog.

Tech Made Easy with Julie Chickery – A video course showing you the technical skills to create and manage a blog, including mailing list and Pinterest integration.


Blogger’s Glitterati – The Blogger’s Glitterati is a membership program for Bloggers, with new training and tips each month.

For Two Days Only
(January 15 & 16th)
You Too Can Invest In
The Genius Bloggers Toolkit.

$97 for Everything!

Have you used the Genius Bloggers Toolkit? Let me know in the comments below.

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    1. I haven’t heard that before. Google (who make Chrome) run their own affiliate program, as do most major tech companies.

      You are probably referring to Firefox blocking tracking cookies across third party sites possibly? or Google blocking some Ads?

      The Toolkit only includes one module on affiliate marketing out of the 18 included. Most of the categories are related to running a successful blog and marketing.

  2. Woah these is some AWESOME information here, definitely items to help any blogger be successful! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

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