Blog Optimization Service

Blog Optimization

Is your blog¬†slower than a herd of snails traveling through peanut butter? If speed isn’t the problem, how is the SEO?¬† Are you getting the desired results?

The Blog Optimization service is tailored toward each individual client’s needs and priced accordingly.

Optimization services can include:

  • Improving website speed.
  • Ensuring the website is mobile-friendly
  • Fixing Crawl Errors and improving site indexing from search engines.
  • Fix duplicate title tags and duplicate meta descriptions.
  • Optimize the structure of content for search engines.
  • Evaluate underperforming content.
  • Improving search engine visibility.

Let me know what you’re having problems with, and I’ll check it over and provide you with a tailored solution and costing,

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    The Blogging Mechanic

    Hi, I'm Owen. I provide WordPress Technical Support Services to bloggers who prefer to forget about the technical stuff so they can concentrate on content creation and blogs.

  • Blogging Mechanic
  • For those bloggers that do enjoy getting their hands dirty, I also write short practical tutorials for Bloggers on how to get technical stuff done.

    This site is new, part of a new direction and a work in progress!

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    Having used various hosts over the years, the two I particularly recommend are Cloudways and Siteground.

    Cloudways is superb for those considering starting (or moving to) a WordPress blog as they let you try it out for a few days without committing to purchase.

    Cloudways Web Hosting

    SiteGround Web Hosting

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  • Recommended Mailing List

    I set up a lot of Mailing List integrations with WordPress - Mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Constant Contact, Infusion and others, but one I particularly like is MailerLite.

    MailerLite has a beautiful, clean and intuitive interface and is perfect for Bloggers to start a list.

    FREE for your first 1,000 subscribers and you can send out 12,000 emails a month on this plan.

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