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Hi, I’m Owen. I provide WordPress Technical Support Services to bloggers who prefer to forget about the technical stuff so they can concentrate on content creation and blogs. 

On the flip side, if you are a blogger that enjoys getting your hands dirty with the technical elements, then check out some of the DIY WordPress Tutorials in the blog.

WordPress Technical Support Services

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You aren't happy with your current host and would like your website migrated to an alternative provider.


You are looking for help with setting up WordPress themes or installing an configuring plugins.


You need a functional working online store for your Blog. I can help with Physical, Digital or Affiliate product storefronts.


You need help with speeding your blog up and improving it's performance in relation to search engine optimization (SEO)


You need help setting up integration with mailing lists, lead magnets, automation, campaigns and/or sales funnels.


You need peace of mind that your website, themes and plugins are maintained and that your site is secure.

Latest WordPress Tips, Tutorials and Ramblings

Website Speed Test Tools
The Bloggers Blog

Free Online Tools To Test Your Website Speed And Optimization

free online tools for a Website Speed Test – Check and Optimize Your Site for speed and performance. GTMetrix, Pingdom, Page Speed Insights and more. Includes speed test results on popular websites run by the world’s most famous WordPress bloggers. How can you improve your site? These tools tell you.

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Follow the Blogging Mechanic on BlogLovin
The Bloggers Blog

Follow on BlogLovin’

Follow the Blogging Mechanic on BlogLovin, a website for keeping up with your favorite blogs — Discover and consume content by your favorite bloggers on the web, mobile and via email.

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Genius Bloggers Toolkit
The Bloggers Blog

Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2020

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is being released for sale for two days only on the 15th &16th January 2020. Ultimate Bundles produce this package for Bloggers.

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