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WordPress Technical Support

Hi, I’m Owen. I provide WordPress Technical Support Services to bloggers who prefer to concentrate on blogging and content creation rather than technical issues. 

If this sounds like you, then check out my support services to see how I can help.

WordPress Technical Support Services

If you need a seasoned pro to take care of those awkward WordPress technical issues, then check out some of the services below.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, contact me.  I can usually help.

You want to start a Blog but with the additional peace of mind that a seasoned professional will take care of all the technical steps.
You are looking for help with setting up WordPress themes or installing and configuring plugins.. They are rarely as simple as they seem.
You need a functional working online store for your Blog. I can help with Physical, Digital or Affiliate based product storefronts.
You need help with speeding your blog up and improving it's performance in relation to performance and search engine optimization (SEO)
You need help setting up integration with mailing lists, lead magnets, automation, campaigns and/or sales funnels. I cover most major platforms.
You need peace of mind that your website, themes and plugins are maintained and that your site is optimized, fast and secure.

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How do you manage affiliate links on WordPress?

Question: How do you manage your affiliate links on WordPress? I figured there is a plugin or combination of plugins that together allow you to manage all your links in one place, redirect to the local Amazon site (Amazon.co.uk, or whatever country the user is in), decloak redirects, etc.

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Website Speed Test Tools
The Bloggers Blog

Free Online Tools To Test Your Website Speed And Optimization

Free online tools for a Website Speed Test – Check and Optimize Your Site for speed and performance. GTMetrix, Pingdom, Page Speed Insights and more. Includes speed test results on popular websites run by the world’s most famous WordPress bloggers. How can you improve your site? These tools tell you.

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